Personal Finance | November 20, 2020

Investing: The Gift of a Lifetime

Longtime readers of this magazine know how passionate I am about introducing young people to investing. When you teach kids the importance of saving and the potential long-term benefits of compound growth, you’re giving them the knowledge to take charge of their finances into adulthood.

Schwab MoneyWise® has tools to help them set goals and keep their finances on track, including a budget planner, cost-of-debt calculator, and spending tracker.

Another way to make investing feel concrete is by helping kids experience what it’s like to own a piece of a company they care about—perhaps the one behind their favorite app, phone, or sneakers. When you open and fund a custodial account, you can give the gift of ownership with Schwab Stock Slices™, which allows you to purchase any stock in the S&P 500® Index for as little as $5.

So, why not consider a more meaningful gift this holiday season? An appreciation of investing never goes out of style—and could give the young people in your life the start they need to build a brighter future for themselves.



Charles R. Schwab
Founder & Chairman