Portfolio Management | March 12, 2021

On Firm Footing

In times of struggle, investing and planning for the future can feel like abstractions compared with the realities of everyday living.

That’s particularly true today, when so many are concerned about business and job uncertainty, balancing work and home schooling, and the health of themselves and their families. All of us at Schwab know that nothing is more important than the well-being of you and your loved ones.

When confronted with instability, there can be great comfort in focusing on what you can control, and in having tried-and-true principles in place that can help light the way.  That’s one reason we distilled our experience in the markets down to what we call our Investing Principles—seven best practices that can help you reach your goals.

These principles start with the importance of creating a realistic plan you can stick to, in good times and bad. They address ways to invest according to your goals and tolerance for risk, so you can sleep easier. And they end with a reminder to ignore as much of the noise out there as possible, because steady progress toward your goals is more important than short-term performance.

Taken together, Schwab’s Investing Principles are a foundation upon which you can build your future—whatever may come. Learn more call us at 888-484-5340 to discuss how to implement these timeless principles in your own plan.



Walt Bettinger

President & CEO