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Plan Analytics

Clients and consultants often ask Schwab Retirement Plan Services for numbers: How many? What percent? How much? We've made it easier to answer those questions and help you explore the numbers further.

Use the Plan Health Dashboard to evaluate your retirement plan. Then dive even deeper with Plan Analytics.

It's easy to quickly see where your plan stands and how your participants are doing.

Plan Health Dashboard provides up to 35 key retirement plan metrics, chosen based on discussions with our clients and their consultants.

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Key metrics are valuable, but trends can offer greater insight than a single point-in-time data point can.

As of January 2021, Plan Health Dashboard shows trends for a subset of available plan metrics. View a sparkline chart with up to three years of month-end data to see how your retirement plan is performing and how participants are engaging over time.

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Navigate from the Plan Health Dashboard to Plan Analytics, and go beyond the numbers.

  • Slice the data in different ways, such as by participant age, location, and use of third-party advice services.
  • Customize the filters, report views, and time frame.
  • Drill down to a group of participants or even a single individual.
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An illustrated outline of an eye with a graph line in the center

With this technology, you can also explore:

  • The median account balance and contribution rate of participants
  • Which participants aren't contributing enough to be eligible for the employer match
  • How participants in different age groups are using target date funds
  • Whether participants are taking loans from their retirement plan account
  • The generation, age, tenure, and division of your participants
  • Dollar amounts of employee contributions by type and source

We've created two videos that demonstrate how to use Plan Analytics and its features.


  • Current clients:

    Log in to your plan sponsor account to view the videos.

  • Prospective clients:

    Contact us to schedule a demo of the Plan Analytics.

(1121-1T1H) (11/21)

At the direction of the Plan Sponsor, or Plan Administrator, Participants may have access to advice services that can provide Participants with a retirement savings and investment strategy for their Plan account, furnished by an independent registered investment advisor ("Advisor"). The Advisor is not affiliated with or an agent of Schwab Retirement Plan Services, Inc. (SRPS); Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (CS&Co.), a federally registered investment advisor; or their affiliates. Neither SRPS, CS&Co., nor their affiliates supervise, make recommendations with respect to, or take responsibility for monitoring the advice services provided to the Participants by the Advisor.