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Markets & Economy

Schwab Market Update: Closing

The major indexes fell for a third straight day as an ongoing climb in Treasury yields and the pro-spects for another Fed rate hike unnerved investors.

September 21, 2023 Schwab Center for Financial Research

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks are lower across the board as yields on the 10-year breakout to 15-year highs.

September 21, 2023

Schwab Market Update: Opening

Stocks are retreating toward mid-August lows as investors contemplate sharp gains in Treasury yields following the Fed meeting yesterday. Though the Fed paused rate hikes, its projections essentially removed two expected rate cuts for 2024.

September 21, 2023

Looking to the Futures

The December Gold contract (GCZ23) traded at 1953.90, up .20 points in late afternoon trading on Wednesday following a Hawkish Fed meeting where they chose to maintain current target rates.

September 21, 2023

Fed Pauses, but Door Still Open

The September Federal Reserve meeting provided few surprises, but ongoing uncertainty about the Fed's next move may mean more volatility ahead.

September 20, 2023

Markets & Economy

Say Goodbye…to Great Moderation?

A return to the Great Moderation Era looks unlikely, which might lead to an increasingly volatile—and somewhat unfamiliar—inflationary, economic, and geopolitical landscape.

September 18, 2023

Market Perspective: Tension

Competing narratives have emerged to describe the state of the U.S. economy.

September 15, 2023

Weekly Trader's Outlook

Equities march mostly sideways as economic data comes in close to expectations.

September 15, 2023

Markets & Economy

Market Snapshot

Liz Ann Sonders shares her perspective on the U.S. stock market and economy in this monthly Market Snapshot video.

September 14, 2023

Monday's Schwab Market Update Podcast

The major equities indexes were generally in a holding pattern Monday as investors looked ahead to the Fed's updates about rates and inflation.

September 11, 2023

EU Sentiment: So Bad It's Good

Changes in sentiment may drive the performance of the eurozone equity markets, even with disappointing economic data.

September 11, 2023

Markets & Economy

Treasury Yields: What's Next?

We expect yields to fall later this year and into 2024 as inflation continues to cool.

September 07, 2023

Piece of Work: Labor Trends

The August jobs report confirms the labor market's continued slowdown, which is for now consistent with the Fed's soft-landing desires—but not without warning signs.

September 05, 2023

High-Yield Bonds: What to Know

Although high-yield bonds have performed well so far this year, we continue to take a cautious view.

August 31, 2023

Markets & Economy

Understanding Market Cycles

Markets are prone to cyclical behavior, which present risks and opportunities for investors. Here are some basics investors should know about market cycles, recessions, and recoveries.

August 29, 2023

China: Contagion or Contained?

China's economy may have spillover effects on global economic and earnings growth, but it's unlikely to lead to global financial contagion and send stock markets materially lower.

August 28, 2023

Taxable Munis: 5 Considerations

Taxable municipal bonds may be an attractive option for investors in lower tax brackets, but there are things investors should know before making a decision.

August 25, 2023


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