Use Plan Analytics to evaluate your retirement plan and the Plan Health Dashboard to dive even deeper.

Schwab Retirement Plan Services is frequently asked for numbers by clients and consultants-– How many? What percent? How much? We've simplified answering those questions and exploring those numbers further!

  • Plan Health Dashboard provides up to 35 retirement plan key metrics. These initial metrics were chosen based on discussions with our clients and their Consultants.
  • Key Metrics are valuable, but seeing a trend of that metric offers an insight you may not get from a point-in-time data point. As of January 2021, PHD now has the ability to show Trends for a subset of the available plan metrics. View up to three years of month-end data with a sparkline visual to gain additional insight into how your retirement plan and plan sponsors are behaving over time.
  • From the Plan Health Dashboard you can easily navigate to Plan Analytics to go beyond a number. Analyze the number in various cuts, such as by participant age ranges, location, and whether or not they're advice users. Customize the filters, report views, and time frame. Drill down to a group of participants or all the way down to a single participant.

With this technology you can also explore:

  • Median account balance and savings rate of participants
  • Which participants are not contributing enough to qualify for employer match
  • Which participants, by age, are in each target date fund
  • Which participants are taking loans
  • Generation, age, tenure, and division of your participants
  • Dollar amounts of employee contributions by type and source

For more information, contact your Schwab Retirement Plan Services service team member.

We've created two videos that demonstrate how to use Plan Analytics and its features.

  • Learn more about the metrics available and how to explore and customize your dashboard.

  • Provides a quick overview of basic navigation, report views, and how to save and print reports..